Why is it important for employers that employees can report anonymously?

It's important for employers that employees report whistleblowing anonymously to promote a culture of transparency, trust, and accountability, and to protect whistleblowers from retaliation.

Employers can encourage employees to speak up about potential risks or issues that might otherwise go unreported by ensuring that they can report concerns without fear of retaliation. Anonymity also helps to protect whistleblowers from backlash or harassment, which can be a significant concern in some cases. This can help employers to identify potential issues or risks earlier, enabling them to take prompt action to address them and mitigate potential harm. By valuing and protecting the anonymity of whistleblowers, employers can demonstrate their commitment to ethical  behavior and strengthen their reputation as a responsible and trustworthy organization. The overall goal should be for the organisations to show its transparency, and its supporting decision to embrace speak-up-culture.