Partner network

Walor works with a number of companies to make whistleblowing more transparent.
Quickly access the right help
LegalHero offers legal advice at a fixed low hourly rate, with more than 150 legal experts ready to help when an internal investigation needs to be initiated.
Become GDPR and ePrivacy compliant quickly and easily today
Openli helps you gain better control over GDPR by automating the process of reviewing your suppliers and building your privacy profile.
Simple strategy platform used globally to create direction and achieve goals
An online platform that makes it simple, tangible and agile to work on strategy and continuously adapt as things change and evolve.
Crisis communication when it's needed
Everyone will experience crises. What separates winners from losers is how the crisis is handled, and how one decides to move forward. Corp Matters is available 24 hours a day and responds immediately.
Get to grips with crisis management
Epicent are experts in crisis communications, including contingency plans and measures to prevent, manage and deflect negative publicity.
Your digital shitstorm insurance
ATAK Nordic are the leading shitstorm experts offering professional assistance before, during and after said shitstorm. ATAK Nordic are leading specialists in handling crises digitally.