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Why it’ a good idea?

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Walor helps you become EU Directive (2019) compliant in one click. This is an all-in-one, user-friendly whistleblowing system that provides businesses in the service industry access to the tools necessary to keep up with evolving legislation while benefiting from a 2.8% increase in return on assets. Research shows that implementing an effective whistleblowing solution can lead to 46% less negative press, a 6.9% reduction in material lawsuits and a 20.4% decrease in settlements.


Promote speak-up culture - Helps to create a positive company culture based on trust


Retain and attract talent - A robust whistleblowing system contributes to a psychologically safe work environment


Increase productivity - Profit margins and productivity both increase when employees feel free to express concerns

What Walor does for you?

Walor offers a secure and confidential reporting platform, including the option to submit anonymously. Our product includes two-factor authentication, is fully GDPR compliant and developed according to the Privacy by Design principle to ensure effective implementation of fundamental data protection principles. Walor does not apply tracking mechanisms on users so you can rest assured that all data is kept where it should be. Visit our security page to find out more about how we keep you safe.

Walor supports the option of anonymous dialogue between the whistleblower and case handler. Service industry businesses gain access to our expert advisory, as well as an extensive partner network, ready to support case management in various ways. Find out more about the partner network here.