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Walor handles initial investigative work and provides a secure and user-friendly whistleblower solution that ensures clients meet relevant legal requirements.
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Digital reporting channel
An intuitive and secure platform where user experience is in focus.
Employee manuals
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Screening and manual case filtering
Walor handles initial screening of alerts to facilitate objective case management.
Tailored whistleblower policy
Walor creates a whistleblower policy tailored specifically to your company.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing.
How much does it cost to get started?

All companies are entitled to one free month. This affords access to the platform independent of company size.

After this initial trial period, the price depends on the size of the company. Walor offers four different packages depending on the number of employees in the organisation.

How long does it take to get started?

It generally takes 15 minutes to set up. Walor is in charge of everything, all companies need to do is follow our intuitive implementation material to get started quickly and easily.

Who receives cases?

It is up to companies to determine who will handle whistleblowing reports. This can be someone from within the organisation, but also external parties like lawyers or compliance officers.

How can whistleblowers access Walor’s reporting channels?

Accessing the platform works through a company link. Anyone who has this link can submit a report.

How do you make a report?

Anyone who has the company link can make a report. This link should be made freely and easily available, as per the guidelines set out by the EU Directive (2019).

The whistleblower can then elect whether they would like to remain anonymous or not. All information is confidential, regardless of which option is selected.

From there Walor may carry out the initial assessment and clarify necessary points with the whistleblower before handing the case over to the organisation. If companies choose not to utilise Walor’s screening option, the report is directly forwarded to the appropriate individual appointed by the company.

What is screening?

Screening is a feature where when an alert is received an examination of the material is carried out by Walor. Without this, the report would be forwarded directly to the appropriate individual appointed by the company. This is an excellent option for companies that wish to add an external evaluation to the process to minimise the impact of conflicts of interest early on.

A professional assessment of the content by Walor will determine the seriousness of the case in relation to relevant legislation. This then functions as a guide the company can use in handling the subsequent investigation.

Alerts often raise questions about other matters related to the case. These ambiguities can be dissected through dialogue with the whistleblower. By using the screening feature, organisations will receive reports where as much relevant information as possible is included.

How many languages does the platform support?

Walor currently supports Danish and English as the primary language options. However, it will not be long before several of the largest languages in Europe are included.

We are working on a translator module, which would enable whistleblowers to report misconduct in whatever language is most comfortable for them. Stay tuned for more information.

When does the European Union legislation come into effect?

For companies with more than 250 employees the Directive (2019) imposed a deadline on 17/12/2021. However, the legislation will also come to cover companies with as few as 50 employees from 17/12/2023. However, these are formal deadlines imposed by the European Union, member states can still create their own.

It bears saying that legislation need not be the sole reason for using this management and culture tool. The benefits of implementing a robust whistleblowing system are not limited to avoiding fines. To find out more about how your organisation can tap into these check out the Walor blog.

Does the number of reports affect the subscription?

No. Fortunately this is not the case, as we believe it would create precisely the wrong incentive for our customers.

How is whistleblower anonymity protected?

First, reports are sent through Walor’s secure whistleblower platform selecting the anonymous option. After reporting their observations the whistleblower receives a unique code so they are able to provide additional information through anonymous dialogue. We do not store metadata from images, nor the IP address information of the person initiating the report.

How can you follow up with an anonymous whistleblower?

After reporting their observations, whistleblowers are awarded a unique code so they can provide additional information through anonymous dialogue. However, it is up to the whistleblower if they wish to engage with the case after submission.