Whistleblowing made simple

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Next, we do a screening, if you want

This feature affords an external assessment of all incoming reports. This is not a foolproof guide on how to deal with cases, rather an outside perspective on what could be going on in relation to legislation.

Accusation score

Evidence score

Overall severity score based on combined factors

Work with the case

What you do hereafter is entirely in your hands. Walor provides the option of confidential and/or anonymous dialogue with whistleblowers and access to our partner network.

Communicate with (anonymous) whistleblowers

Contact our partner network

Receive deadline alerts

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Get started it’s easy.

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Sign up in 5 minutes
Input all your information quickly and easily. All data is treated confidentially and in accordance with GDPR.
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Select contact persons
These can be from within your organisation, or external parties (e.g.: compliance officers).
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Share with your organization
Get your personal reporting link and share  with your employees through your channels.