What is the difference between anonymous and confidential reporting?

The difference is that anonymous reporting allows whistleblowers to remain completely anonymous, while confidential reporting involves disclosing the whistleblower's identity only to designated individuals who are responsible for investigating and addressing the reported wrongdoing.

Anonymous reporting can be useful in situations where whistleblowers may fear retaliation or harassment, or where the reported concern involves high-level executives or sensitive information.On the other hand, confidentiality may not provide as much protection as anonymity, and whistleblowers may still be at risk of retaliation or discrimination. At Walor, we empower whistleblowers by allowing them to choose whether to submit a whistleblowing claim anonymously or confidentially, acknowledging that statistics show that 95% of whistleblowing cases are submitted anonymously. Here’s how we decided to best tackle the issue: https://www.walor.io/how-it-works